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The Light House Announces Expansion of the Learning Campus

The Light House is pleased to announce the relocation of our Learning Campus to the Rocky Neck area of Niantic. With this relocation, we have the opportunity to expand our special education program and welcome a wider population of students with diverse needs and abilities.

The Learning Campus is a state-approved special education school addressing the social, emotional,

behavioral, and academic needs of students ages 5 to 22 with significant intellectual and developmental differences.

Functional, student-centered academics and behavioral supports are combined with community-based programming in order to promote development in areas of social communication, pre-vocational skills, daily living, and self-regulation.

Currently, the Learning Campus accommodates 22 students ages 5-22 with specific educational needs. As we transition to the new school building, we have the opportunity to expand our student population to 40 students, allowing us to further meet the needs of students, families and sending districts.

The building will offer an expanded outdoor area to allow our educators to incorporate nature and outdoor recreation into academic programming. An outdoor playground and picnic area will accommodate students’ sensory needs while simultaneously encouraging physical education.

“I am excited for our two school sites to be under one roof in the same community where our students are familiar. In addition to creating a one-school community, this opportunity will benefit students as they transition from the younger grades to the secondary transitional/vocational grades with fluidity. This is certainly a positive move for The Light House schools as we continue to grow and support the complex needs of our students and school districts.”

-Julie Hill, Education Director

With this transition, our Central Office location will also relocate to the new building, allowing our Adult Day program to expand to accommodate a broadened range of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In 2021, we were able to grow our Day Program enrollment by 34% by creating more nursing and behavioral support options for individuals with more significant disabilities in our region. With this expansion, we look forward to further increasing this percentage and meeting the needs of families through our state-contracted program.

To learn more about our learning campus visit



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