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For teens and adults on the autism spectrum


LIVECTA transition programs are community-based programs where young adults build upon and further develop the skills necessary for independence.  All of our programs focus on our core program areas: Employment, Education, Social/Personal, Community and Independent Living. Instruction is delivered through a variety of methods including small group workshops, advising sessions, and in-house staff instruction. Instructional strategies are tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders.




Monday Night Social Group

Rational?  Rule oriented?  Do you like to plan and follow a well maintained schedule?   Are you looking for a group of friends with similar “quirky” interests?  Are nypicals just too boring for you?  Meet up with other people like you (18-30) and plan and participate in social activities weekly.   Thursday nights at 6pm join us at Solidarity, a social group for young adults on the spectrum.


Advisors, Life Coaches, and Community Mentors

LIVECTA instructors are passionate about facilitating learning and therefore are constantly promoting their own obsolescence. This takes high levels of understanding and adaptability in order to integrate lessons into daily life; seizing the opportunities for growth as they present themselves. These well balanced individuals also need to be able to gauge competencies in order to walk a fine line in providing support without taking away from the potential for autonomy. In other words, they create independence.

“My son began at LIVECTA last year.  He has Autism and ADHD and struggled through high school.  We tried many options through our local public school, but it wasn't until Peter started at LIVECTA in Niantic that we saw real changes.  Peter has worked with the team to set personal goals in many areas from educational to personal-social to employment.  Peter has learned many independent living skills and has grown by leaps and bounds since starting this program.  We cannot thank the team enough for all they are doing to help our son on his path to a successful and independent future!”

Robin L, Parent

“The Light House has made an amazing difference in my son’s life.  After his high school graduation, he became overwhelmed by the unknown of life and his future and retreated into his video game world.  After participating in the LIVECTA program at Light House in Niantic, he is now working part-time, taking college classes, driving a car, and able to manage his life.  The staff works with him on his social skills, work environment, finances, and other life skills that were very difficult for him.  He now has a bright future and continues to make great progress.  I am very thankful for this program and the wonderful staff.”

Laurie G, Parent

"This is the first program I've found that "gets it". The staff have an innate understanding of the supports necessary to successfully work with those on the spectrum. Natural consequences, incidental learning, and self direction; yes please!"

Dr. TJ White

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