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Special Education Reimagined


Full educational experience integrating core academics through individualized curricula

  • Yoga, art and music therapy

  • Activities such as kayaking and swimming

  • Adaptive physical education

  • Sensory integration programs / sensory space

  • Imbedded daily living skills and personal care

  • Assistive Tech supports

The Learning Campus is a state-approved special education school addressing the social, emotional, behavioral, and academic needs of students ages 5 to 22 with significant intellectual and developmental differences.

Functional, student-centered academics and behavioral supports are combined with community-based programming in order to promote development in areas of social communication, pre-vocational skills, daily living, and self-regulation. 


  • Work-based learning experiences

  • Pre-vocational job training

  • Community participation and navigation

  • Transportation training

  • Applied life skills and independent living

  • Transitional support


The Learning Campus offers intensive individualized educational services for students with intellectual and developmental differences ages 5 – 22. The focus on community-based academic and adaptive skills makes The Light House a unique learning environment. Students are engaged in academic activities tied to Common Core with authentic opportunities for social communication and independence. The Light House offers two educational sites that are Approved Private Special Education Programs in downtown Niantic. 

Multidisciplinary Supports:


  • Certified school administration and special education teachers

  • 1:1 trained support staff (paraprofessional, job coach)

  • Integrated therapies including speech and language, physical, and occupational

  • Behavioral interventions via board certified behavior analysts

  • Individual and group counseling

  • Ongoing progress monitoring

  • Family and interagency collaboration

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True Community-Based Philosophy

At the Learning Campus, the community serves as an extension of our classroom, where students engage in meaningful opportunities in real-world settings. Instructors are able to introduce students to authentic life experiences that require them to apply the skills learned in the classroom including communication, independent living, self-care, and employment, further promoting the generalization of skills, so that students can be successful at the Light House and beyond.

Each student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) serves as the foundation for functional academics, social and communication skills, transition goals, and behavior plans. Individual student learning style is taken into consideration when implementing instructional strategies. These may include individualized instructional time, small group settings, incidental learning, hands-on cooperative learning, a multi-sensory approach, or the use of assistive technology devices. Modified responsive classroom approaches such as morning meeting, guided discovery, and choice are also an integral part of the program.

Liberty Way, Pennsylvania Ave., Niantic


Our Annex School provides programs for elementary and middle school students. The program is highly individualized to maximize learning with individual classrooms available. Common areas include a full kitchen, computer area, art room, group instruction areas, and a motor room fully equipped with a climbing wall, treadmill, and swings. 


Main St., Niantic


Our Main Street School provides programs for middle school and high school students through age 22. This program is also highly individualized and addresses the transition goals for students. In addition to community integration, job experiences are arranged and supported. Students in this program continue to work on functional academics.





A 182 day, academic school year program providing a unique individualized special education experience in an immersive community-based learning environment.

Music Therapy After School


The program focuses on the application of pre-vocational, daily living, social skills, and community integration. Learning occurs in the community to increase a student's ability to generalize the skills necessary for independence.



A 6 week program serving as an extension of the school year providing additional enrichment activities to support social, independent living and community engagement skill development.

The Light House school has been a blessing to my entire family. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to send my child to school with peace of mind. My son wouldn't be where he is today if not for The Light House.


[Our] district has placed several students in the various Light House day school programs. I have found The Light House programs, along with their staff and leadership team, to be incredibly collaborative and child-centered.

Special Services

The Light House provides excellent services for students with significant special needs [incorporating] vocational and academic, as well as life skills. [Our district] looks forward to a continued, rewarding partnership.

Ed Director


  • Serving students with a primary identification of moderate to severe Autism Spectrum Disorders, Intellectual Disabilities, and Multiple Disabilities, along with social, emotional, and behavioral needs

  • Admission is based on recommendation from a student's public school district (LEA)

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