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To Educate and Prepare for Life

Founded in 1992, The Light House (Lighthouse Voc-Ed Center Inc.) is a non-profit 501-C3 specializing in disabilities services and support.


The Light House’s journey began with one student and a dedicated group of individuals determined to educate and prepare students for life. Founder Kathy Greene opened The Light House in 1992 as a private special education school because she, as well as parents, therapists and educators, recognized the importance of a community-based program where students of all differences could learn through real life experiences and opportunities.

Since its inception, The Light House has continued to grow and restructure to offer specialized programs that meet the needs of the community. All programs integrate community access, learning, and independent living, and strive to prepare individuals for the next critical step of their life. Today, The Light Houses has three different campuses that serve over 100 individuals every year and cater to a range of different needs.


At The Light House, we educate and prepare individuals for life.


Goals are part of each individual’s ongoing learning process and take into consideration individual strengths, abilities and successes and balances them with needs and areas to further develop.

We acknowledge and seek individual potential, while practicing patience, to allow natural student growth.  

As education professionals, we will inspire rather than prescribe, encourage and engage rather than “tell,” and practice high expectations for mutual respect, dignity and value.

Learning is embedded into daily routines and reinforced to foster the growth and acquisition of skills as opportunities present themselves. The learning and development process is then extended and enhanced by involvement in the community.


We embrace technology to better prepare our students and to maximize their self-sufficiency and ability to self-advocate in order to meet the demands of a changing world.

We promote independence by encouraging individuals to make their own choices in all areas of their lives at all levels of capacity and participation.

We continually search for creative and alternative methods, working as a team of professionals and family members, towards the common goal of success for each learner; adapting to the community and environmental situations.

Instruction occurs in the natural setting to provide authentic and personally relevant functional learning.

Our planning begins with the end result, being mindful of the process, method and natural consequences required to obtain greater levels of self-sufficiency.


Your donations to The Light House are put towards our operating budget, providing support for core programs, and helping our participants achieve more. As part of our community, you are involved in preparing students intellectually, emotionally, and socially to thrive.

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