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Grateful for the Journey, Our Equine Program is Coming to a Close

It is with a heavy heart that we must inform you of a difficult decision made by The Light House. After much deliberation and careful consideration of our financial situation, we have concluded that we are unable to sustain the therapeutic equine program at our farm coming into the next fiscal year. Consequently, we have determined it necessary to close this beloved program, as soon as June 2024.

While this decision is undoubtedly difficult, it is important to acknowledge the great efforts that have been made by volunteers and employees alike to build upon the great work of Horses Healing Humans. Together, we’ve created access to more diverse populations and positively impacted the lives of so many. As an agency, we recognize that risk is a necessary component of progress and we remain committed to improving the services we provide, no matter the difficulty and without fear of failure.

We understand the impact that this decision may have on our volunteers, participants, and the broader community, and we are working hard to minimize those implications. For LH participants, we have reached out to High Hopes (Old Lyme), Flying Free (Franklin), and Yellow Horse (Ashaway, RI) and are planning to establish partnerships with one or more of the agencies to continue and expand upon therapeutic equine services offered to our participants. It is our most sincere hope that this closure is not the end of our students’ experiences with these amazing animals but rather an opportunity for continued learning in the larger community of Southeastern CT and Western RI.

While it is difficult to say goodbye to the vision, we are actively working on creating new opportunities for the people we serve in the community. We ask for your continued trust and support as we navigate this transition and look towards a future filled with positive initiatives and even greater impact.

Thank you for your understanding, compassion, and continued dedication to The Light House and its mission.


Kassidy Brown, Executive Director


Therapeutic Riding Programs/Volunteerism


High Hopes

36 Town Woods Road, Old Lyme, CT                

Melissa Lamont | 860) 434-3723 ext. 116 | 


Yellow Horse

40 Collins Rd, Ashaway, RI                                

Emily Rice | (401) 749-6122 | 


Flying Free TRC, Inc.

89 Doctor Nott Road, Franklin, CT

Kirsten Robbie   | 959) 255-3405 | 



Thor Torgersen | (860)-235-7872 |


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