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Liberty Bank Announced as New Partner

The Light House is pleased to announce a new partnership with Liberty Bank for the 2019 year. This partnership will give us the ability to increase our presence in the community through additional events and outreach, while continuing to provide programming and services to individuals in the Southeastern Connecticut area.

Liberty Bank has a strong tradition of investing in the success of its communities and this partnership displays their commitment to improving the outcomes of nonprofits that they work with. We are looking forward to working with them to create a better Connecticut.

Established in 1825, Liberty Bank is Connecticut’s oldest bank, with banking offices throughout the central, eastern, western and shoreline areas of the state. Liberty Bank maintains a strong commitment to serving the communities they are located in. Since the Liberty Bank Foundation’s inception in 1997, they have awarded almost $12 million in grants to nonprofit organizations, along with fostering collaboration between nonprofits, funders, and businesses in order to better address issues in the region.

Click here to read more about Liberty Bank’s involvement in the community.

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