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The Power of Advocacy: Nick's Transition Story

Updated: Apr 22

At The Lighthouse, we are deeply committed to empowering young people with disabilities as they transition into adulthood. Our comprehensive approach includes specialized education, therapy, and employment services tailored to meet their unique needs. Yet our role extends beyond service provision; we are dedicated partners in the lives of those we serve, as well as their families.


Recently, our Director of Adult and Transition Services, Will Robinson, demonstrated this commitment by advocating alongside Nick, a resilient young man with Cerebral Palsy and an intellectual disability, and his family as they faced the daunting prospect of going without vital state services crucial for his independence.  


Transitioning to adulthood is a crucial period—second only to early childhood in its impact on development. It's a time when tailored education, strategic skill building, life experiences, and robust support systems are vital to cultivate independence. For those like Nick, who are at risk of not meeting state standards, this period is even more challenging.


Nick's story highlights the significant hurdles that individuals with disabilities often face during this "cliff" between childhood and adulthood. Strong advocacy and consistent support are essential. At The Lighthouse, we are proud to advocate alongside our community members like Nick, ensuring they have what they need to succeed. We are not just service providers; we are committed partners in their journey to a fulfilling and independent adult life.


We are thrilled to report that as of this month, Nick's hearing officer ruled in favor of "forever DDS support" after he graduates. This is a “game changer” for Nick, his family and those who are dedicated to supporting him throughout his life. 


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