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The Day profiles "Day In The Life" at The Light House

As part of The Day’s special nonprofit series in December, reporters went behind the scenes to see what local charities and nonprofit organizations in Eastern Connecticut are doing to serve the people they help. Day staff writer Erica Moser chose The Light House to shadow after reading about the work we do at our Community Campus, an individualized and participant-driven adult day service option which focuses on life skills instruction, community engagement, and pre-vocational training for adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

Erica followed around Community Campus staff over the course of a day to meet with participants and get to know the program. With everyone gearing up for the holiday season, she got to witness a variety of activities and interact with all of our participants as they crafted wreaths, baked cupcakes, watched holiday music videos, and planned their upcoming shopping trips alongside our life skills coaches.

Although she didn’t get to go with our DDS Program Coordinator, Will, and our individuals in the pre-vocational program to their volunteer job for the day, she did get the chance to talk to him about the program. "It's authentic, and we're well-liked at all of our places," Will said, "and we're doing real jobs, real volunteer work that people need."

To read the full article, click here.


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