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Our Community Campus is Moving

We are excited to announce that we have relocated our Community Campus into a new building in New London. As The Light House’s first commercial purchase, this building will give us the opportunity to create long lasting partnerships with the New London community and expand the programs and services that we are able to provide.

Servicing mixed disabilities, our Community Campus is an individualized and participant-driven adult “day service option” which focuses on life skills instruction, community engagement, and pre-vocational training. These transition programs help guide our participants from school into adulthood, allowing them to become active members in the community.

Participants of the Community Campus already volunteer and work at over 6 job sites in the area, and our employees and participants are looking forward to the opportunity to participate in the vibrant New London community.

This move would not have been possible without all of our amazing staff, volunteers, and board members who helped us transform our new space, both inside and outside.


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