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Rebecca Atkins Named Director of Operations

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

The Light House is pleased to announce the promotion of Rebecca Atkins to Director of Operations.

Rebecca holds a Master of Human Resource Management from the University of Connecticut, a Master of Teaching from Sacred Heart University and is certified in K-6 general education and K-12 Special Education. Additionally, she completed her Educational Administration coursework (#092) in December of 2020 at Sacred Heart University. Prior to becoming the Director of Operations, Rebecca served as the Special Education Teacher at our Main Street Learning Campus for two years.

As the Director of Operations, Rebecca will help to strengthen functionality by working interdepartmentally to standardize and align programming, procedures, goals and initiatives.

“I am proud to work for an organization that succeeds at staying true to the mission and core values, and to work with people who are consistently engaged and passionate about the work that we do here. I am truly grateful for this opportunity.”

-Rebecca Atkins, Director of Operations

Rebecca brings experience working in college admissions, human resource management and corporate recruiting to our Central Office Team. She has worked as an educational diagnostician in the public schools, in-home ABA therapist, and case manager for an in-district, clinical program. In her free time, Rebecca likes to adventure with her French Bulldog Otis, go to the beach, try new restaurants, sing karaoke and explore new local places around town.

“Rebecca is a smart and efficient special educator and business professional. We are happy to have her on board and are looking forward to her continued support in agency leadership and management.”

-Kassidy Brown, Executive Director

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