• Wendy Vincent

Education Director Kathy White Retires

Kathy White is retiring from her position as the Education Director at The Light House in September 2020. Kathy had come out of retirement to take the position two years ago and will be greatly missed by staff, students, and families.

"I have great admiration for The Light House's mission 'To Educate and Prepare for Life' and have seen our talented staff live up to this mission every single day. Student growth is remarkable! I am confident that The Light House team will continue to improve their great programs with new leadership," she said.

Kathy looks forward to joining her husband of 42 years in retirement, spending more time with her two grandchildren, and enjoying her favorite hobbies of gardening, listening to music, reading, Zumba, kayaking, and swimming.

Julie Hill, currently a special education teacher at the Annex location, will act as the Interim Education Director until the process for the permanent position can be completed. Julie has recently completed her administrative certification program and will work closely with Kathy to make this as smooth a transition as possible. Julie has a Bachelor's in Special Education and Elementary Education as well as a Master's in Education from WGU. Julie has been with The Light House since 2018.


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