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How do you provide online education for students with an IEP? Empower special education teachers to

With schools closed due to the coronavirus, our educators are finding ways to continue learning at-home. While technical glitches and shortened attention spans present challenges, our teachers and school counselors are optimistic that their efforts will help sustain the progress they’ve made, while providing social and emotional continuity of support. First, we worked to ensure everyone had equal access to hardware, software, and internet, providing customized devices when needed. Second, we quickly rolled out customized learning plans to providing IEP-related activities, and supplemental learning materials.Third, we prioritized our efforts, focusing on individual counseling, where needed, and valuable peer-based group instruction.Starting next week, all of our related services will be ready to begin tele-therapy sessions including occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, physical therapy, and behavioral support with Board Certified Behavioral Analyst (BCBAs). Given the difficulty in juggling multiple providers appointments, we anticipate many unique opportunities to collaborate and co-treat. Everyone is learning as we go but we are so grateful for our school team for stepping up to tackle the challenge of at-home education.


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