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Dash is a Quarter Horse gelding and is the tallest member of our herd. Dash is personable and a great fit for new and old students alike.

Born: 2002
Height: 16.3hh
2019 Horse of the Year

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Perseus, or Percy, is an American Quarter Horse gelding owned by Craig McAllister. He is known around the barn for his goofy personality, rotund belly, and gentle eyes.

Born: 2005
Height: 15.2hh


Gus is the oldest member of the herd and is currently owned by Kathryn Vine. He is a rehabbed off-the-track thoroughbred (OTTB) who spends his days lounging in the sunshine, rolling in the dirt, and teaching students of all ages how to walk, trot, and canter.
Born: 1995
Height: 15.2hh

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Lulu is an American Miniature Horse (AMH). Although she may be smaller than three feet tall, she has a big impact on our programs and on the hearts of everyone who meets her. She lives up to her job traveling to visit new places as an “Ambassadorable”.

Born: 2003
Height: 36”


Nosey is a Quarter Horse mare. Her small stature makes her an ideal candidate for children or individuals who feel comfortable being close to the ground.
Born: 1998
Height: 14.2hh

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Renee is Quarter Horse mare on lease from the Sylvestre family. She spent most of her younger years teaching summer campers how to jump, but now spends most of her years trotting around the arena and getting pampered by students.

Born: 2002
Height: 15hh

If you think your equine might be a good fit for our programs, please contact Kim Bodytko, Equine Programs Director

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