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Frequently Asked Questions

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Please reach out to Kim Bodytko, Director of Equine Services at

Do you need to have a medical diagnosis to take lessons? 

Although our program serves some therapeutic clients, some individuals come to the program without diagnoses. We serve clients of all abilities. 


Do you have a weight limit for mounted work? 

The weight limit for mounted riding lessons is 200 lbs.


What is PATH?

The Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship (PATH) is an international certifying organization for therapeutic riding centers. PATH accredited centers adhere to a rigorous set of administrative, safety, and facility standards set by the association. 


How much do your lessons cost? 

Lesson cost is dependent on the lesson size (private or group) and length (half-hour or hour). Half-hour lessons start at $50 per session. 


Do you offer scholarships for clients? 

For scholarship inquiries, please email Kim Bodytko, Director of Therapeutic Equine Services, at


I don’t know if my child is a good fit for the program. Can we try it and see how they feel?

Our clients are required to undergo an initial evaluation and receive medical authorization from a provider prior to starting their sessions. This is typically a good time for our clients to determine if they are interested in riding or unmounted horsemanship, as well as if they can participate in the program.  


How do you find horses for your program? 

We are always looking for new prospective members of our herd. Our herd completes a comprehensive evaluation process with our staff prior to onboarding to assess their demeanor, reactivity, soundness, and overall suitability for the program.  We look for horses to lease or for sale by their owners. If you think your equine might be a good fit for our programs, please contact Kim Bodytko, Equine Programs Director at

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