The Light House launches new collaboration with JPOart

Teens sit in a circle at The Light House's LIVECTA campus listening as one student recounts his experiences with bullying in his school. They are all a part of Friday Friends, a program for teens on the Autism Spectrum that meets every Friday to provide participants with instruction in social skills, independent living skills, and community engagement. Their discussion today focuses on bullying and coping with trauma - one of the themes of "The Art of Healing" project. The project uses art to explore the process of coping with and healing from trauma, with a larger goal of bringing awareness to the connection between art and social services. The Light House is one of the seven social servic

Program Spotlight: Summer Friends

Summer Friends provides teens on the autism spectrum with a summer camp opportunity filled with activities designed to develop social skills and encourage community engagement. Young adult mentors and program coordinators seize authentic experiences for coaching throughout the day, but the program’s semi-structured environment gives teens the freedom to make their own choices and create unique connections with other teens. What does a typical day in Summer Friends look like? The short answer is that there is no typical day in Summer Friends. Although the schedule of the program stays constant day to day to provide structure for participants, the activities and outings that Summer Friends eng

4 reasons you should already be signed up for Bowl For A Cause

The Light House is hosting our annual Bowl For A Cause fundraiser this year at Spare Time Bowling in Groton on March 31st. Thinking about attending? Here are just a couple of the reasons that you’ll want to register a team right away! 1. Go up against local businesses and organizations in Southeastern Connecticut for the chance to win one of our coveted golden bowling pins. Prizes will go to the team with the top score and the individual with the top score, so start practicing your bowling skills now and be ready to blow away the competition in March. 2. Compete for our brand new SPIRIT AWARD! This award will go to the team that shows the most enthusiasm and creativity at Bowl For A Cause. D

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